Why I Love Working from Home

mom working at home with babyEvery time I hear the early morning buzz of cars as people head to work, I count my blessings. Working from home is something that I won’t be giving up any time soon. Being a working citizen is no mean task for anyone. The pressures of dealing with deadlines, bosses and colleagues can really wear you out. The stresses of work are made even worse by the hassle of commuting to and from work and dealing with the peak-hour traffic. Working from home is a suitable way of eliminating all this trouble while still remaining constructively engaged.

The first joy of working from home is the ability to spend ample time with my family. In a conventional situation, I would have to leave home very early and come back late in the evening, leaving very little time to spend with family. Fortunately, working from home allows me enough time for my spouse and children. For the school going ones, I get to help them prepare for school and ensure that they have everything they need. The younger ones remain home with me, and I enjoy watching them grow and instilling in them important values. I get to work during their playing and napping hours.

Working from home also helps me prepare healthy meals for my family. Without enough time, it is common to buy fast foods or semi-prepared foods. In most cases, foods are not healthy as they contain preservative chemicals. While at home, I take time to prepare good quality meals, mostly using natural foods. I have a great grinder for my herbs as well as a multipurpose juicer which helps me prepare healthy meals.

Other than spend time commuting to work, I spend the early morning hours running house chores. I fix beds, clean and iron before I sit down to work. Once am ready, I just get into my home office and start working right away. In the office, I would have to sign in at the receptionist desk and exchange pleasantries with co-workers before settling down to work, which wastes time. I can also take lunch as I work. I normally complete my assignments of the day when it’s still early. I use the remaining hours to prepare dinner, help kids with homework and basically bond with them.

Apart from saving time, I save money as well. Driving to or from work every day requires a lot of gas. I am more than happy to save money I could have used for fuel or fare. I do not need expensive clothes; I can work in pajamas if I like. I also take care of my children myself, instead of paying a nanny or daycare to do the same.

Finally, I do my part in preserving the environment by working from home. I spare the atmosphere from the fumes arising from the car. If more of us worked from home, we can reduce the rate of global warming a great deal.
When all is said and done, working from home allows me to be productive yet avoid excess fatigue, which is the case with most workers.