Working From Home? Heres How To Avoid Distractions

Work From HomeAfter convincing your boss, that you can be more productive while working at home, then you should be ready to prove it. Though it may sound very great that you can work from the comfort of your home; no set time, work in pajamas, no traffic and all those other perks that come along, it is not as glamorous at it may seem. As good as it may be to spend the whole day in your pajamas and with your family, if you fail to plan your time well, then you may not deliver as expected.
Here are some things I have learned as a work as a home entrepreneur that are very vital if you need to succeed.

Let family members know your work schedule to keep distractions minimal

Although you may be at home, let your friends and family members know that you are working and that there are deadlines that should be met. If you have young babies, get a nanny to help you in taking care of them. Ask your parents and friends to refer you to places where you can find samples of good resumes for nannies so that you can interview them and settle on a great nanny that will assist you take care of your kids. If you are breast feeding, take some short breaks from your work desk so that you can breast feed, then get back to work as soon as you are done.

Have a workstation

This may be a whole room that is your “home office” or a corner of you bedroom that has your desk and computer. Create space that is specifically dedicated to your business. This will keep you organized and also create a quiet working environment that does not have any unnecessary distractions. You will also be more comfortable when making business calls.

Make a schedule and follow it.

This may be difficult when working from home but is very crucial. Just like being in a normal office where there is a daily routine, create your own routine. Creating a schedule that will work for you will enable you to be more productive while you work from home and help you accomplish all your set goals in time.

It is also important to also create a schedule for your children so that the house is not in chaos immediately you get down to work. This will also help your nanny to get better control of the children. My children love swimming so I bought an above the ground pool for them. This keeps them busy and I ensure I schedule some time for that whenever I am planning their day.

Social media and web surfing

This can be the worst kind of distraction since you do not a co-worker who may distract you from the social media. If you are a social media addict, then you should learn to completely shut them down during working hours. If they are just small temptations to peep to your social media accounts, then just limit them to maybe lunch breaks. Either way, it is not good to have them running as you work. It does interfere with productivity.
Most people think that working from home is not challenging, but it has its own challenges. The best thing about it is that these challenges can easily be avoided for maximum productivity.