Tips On How To Keep Fit As A Work At Home Mom Or Dad

home workout coupleAfter working in a gas station for several years, I decided I wanted to pursue my other passion. I have loved doing transcription since I was in high school and I used to do it part-time when schools went for summer holidays. I told my boss that I would be quitting which of course, didn’t make her happy, but I had to. She requested me to help in looking for another cashier. We had to advertise the vacancy and a lot of people dropped their resumes for the cashier job. We had to pick just one person from the many resumes we received which was quite easy because we chose the person who had the best cashier resume.
I decided to do my transcription work from my house because I would also have the chance to bring our children up. We have a nanny whom we got from an office that usually has nannies with good resumes and who love her job, but I wanted to still take part in bringing up our children. Our nanny also decided to pursue a career as nurse assistant. I even advised her on writing a good resume for this popular healthcare job.
Working from home and bringing up kids is not a walk in the park. After a month of doing transcription, I realized that I was gaining weight very fast and I needed to lose it. I talked to some of my friends who work online and here are some of the best tips on how to keep fit as a work at home mum or dad.

Put on you work out clothes all day

I know this may sound funny, but it practical. With deadlines to meet, hopping on the treadmill or just doing a 30 minute video can be difficult. Your workout clothes will get you in the mood and make you work harder even if you are just doing house chores. They act as a reminder of your goal to exercise and make workouts easier for you.

Always have some work out ideas ready

To stay fit with a hectic schedule, you should be ready to make use of the free few minutes that you get. The most important thing is to use the time appropriately and try getting the most out of it.
Exercise with the children
This is not easy but it is practical. Involve your kids when you’re exercising so that they do not get fussy and start crying for your attention. Children always have lots of fun exercising with mum and dad.

Involve your friends and family

If you have a spouse, you can take advantage of them. Each one of you can do their workouts as the other one takes care of the children.

Use a personal trainer

If you can afford, consider working with a personal trainer maybe once or twice a week. Home personal training is very convenient and it is becoming very common and affordable. Many parents who work at home find it a better way of getting great work out ideas and keep their exercise routines regular.
Being a work at home mum or dad does not mean that you should not exercise. Exercise is very important because you will keep fit and be more productive.