Why I left Trucking And Decided To Be A Work At Home Mom

work at home momWhen I went into trucking, everyone thought I was crazy since it was viewed to be a man’s thing. But I am the kind of a person who believes in achieving whatever I want regardless of what people say. I admired riding on trucks and so I did it. However, times have changed and technology has come, giving people an opportunity to work from home. I got fed-up with the weekly routine at 6am or even earlier. Here are the reasons why I chose to work from home:

1. Being rewarded for the work I do
When you work from home, you are the one who determines the financial reward that you get in relation to the effort that you put in. as an employee of a trucking company, I was making money for the employer and so the money was going into his pocket but this changed when I decided to work from home. Even if truck drivers make good money per year, I cannot regret working from home because apart from making good money, it’s fun working at my own pace.

2. I was able to discover my passion
When I stopped trucking, I was able to contemplate on the passion that I loved to have. As human beings, we rarely fully understand what it is we want to be in life and so we end up doing what we weren’t meant to be. Once I started working on my computer from home, I realized this is what I wanted to do all along.

3. More time to spend with my family
With the ever increased pressure and spending most of my time on the road, I found myself spending more time at work and less time on my family. As much as I tried to get a work-life balance, it was almost impossible. Now that I work from home, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my younger son and life is more fulfilling.

4. I’m my own boss
We used to complain about our boss behind his back. At times I could clash with him and no matter what we did, he was rarely pleased. Now, I do not have to meet other people’s expectations and deadlines. I set the targets that I want to achieve.

5. Flexible hours
The traditional 9 to 5 routine restricted what I really love to do. Working as a truck driver means that you have to keep time for you to be able to deliver goods to customers on time, and so failure to keep time with no enough reason could lead to a disciplinary action. As a work at home mom, am now able to manage my time and am able to live life the way I want. If I want to go for a holiday with my family, I just organize my work and live as I wish.

It’s really great working from home. Ever since I started working from home, I was able to strengthen the bond between me and my kids since am getting enough time to spend with them. If you are bored having to work for someone else, it is about time you consider a home based business.