Your Work Desk Is Not A Dining Table!

I am guilty as accused! Often, I have found myself eating my lunch, dinner and breakfast on my work desk as I try to catch up with my emails, post on my facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. According to a recently published report, this can lead to poor nutritional choices as well as food safety issues.

eating on the work desk
Why do you do it (me included)? Is it that we are overworked? There is no excuse for this poor behavior. Here are reasons you should avoid this bad habit.

You are likely to overeat

Eating on your desk encourages distracted eating and overeating. You know how you realize you have just had your last bite when eating on your desk? Mindless eating is one of the reasons why there’s such a huge rise of obesity in America. By eating while multitasking, your brain and body do not process the amount of food you eat properly. The result is that the hormone leptin is usually late in signaling the brain it’s time to stop eating. This means that you will have taken more calories than it’s necessary to feel satisfied.

You will be more productive.

You are only a human being. As such, you have some physical limitations whether you want to acknowledge them or not. To be more productive in your work, you need to get away from your desk several times in a day including lunchtime.

Your computer keyboard won’t be full of food crumbs!

If you stop eating from your desk, your computer keyboard and desk won’t be full of food crumbs. Have you ever thought of what happens to the bits of food that get lost in your keyboard? What of your desk? Turn your keyboard upside done and shake it gently. You will be surprised at the amount of food crumbs you see falling off.

a woman eating lunch on their desk
Your creativity becomes blah…

Are you stuck on a particular project? Getting up for a walk on your way to lunch can help you return to the desk with a fresh mind. Research has found out that people who thought about creative uses for everyday objects were walking than people who brainstormed while seated.

You sit for extended periods

You may have to walk from your office desk to the kitchen to bring your lunch back to the desk if working in an office. If working from home, eating from your dining room may break up your sitting time. Even better is to walk into a park with your brown bag, sit down and eat your food and then get back to your office desk. This way, you will be adding in the so important extra steps. Even standing on your desk is much better than sitting at it.

And when all is said and done, the importance of getting away from your desk during your lunch break cannot be overemphasized. Common sense also dictates that you take a break from your work desk several times in a day so that you work at your best. Give yourself a break from your desk. You deserve to enjoy your meals in peace!