Simple Yet Effective Workouts To Do At Home

If you are a work at home parent, chances are that you rarely go out. So here’s how to still keep fit without going to the gym. Having a good set of home workout routine is not as complex as you may want to think. However, depending on the size of your home, some exercise may be difficult to do especially if you live in a smaller house. So I have come up with some exercises that can be done even in the tightest spaces.

But even before we delve into that, for any good workout plan to be effective, we have to go over the essentials. Some general exercise that don’t require too much space include squats, push-ups and jumping. The best thing about this general exercise is that they are adequate enough if combined to work out your whole body. So now what you need to do is put them all together to create an entire body workout that can be done in the house.

Jumping squats

Begin by placing your shoulders width apart. Then squat down like you want to sit down and touch the ground with your hands. Come back up and jump while lifting your hands in to the air like you want to touch the ceiling.

Using work out fitness DVDs

A lot of people work out using fitness DVDs like Zumba fitness. Zumba is a fun workout and all you need is just some space, DVD player and a TV and you’re set. However, if you are planning to work out with a DVD, it’s important that you look for a convenient time when you won’t be disturbed and finish the entire workout. By exercising regularly with your DVD and eating a healthy diet, you will definitely lose some weight and reach to your weight goals.

Standup push-ups

Begin by standing straight up. Lower your body down into a push-up position and perform one push up, bring your leg.

Workout routines with an elliptical machine

working out at home with EllipticalMachine
Do you have only 20 minutes to spare? Then hop onto your elliptical machine. The elliptical machine will help raise your heart rate and improve your fitness. However, one should be careful on how they use the elliptical for best results. Always make a plan of what you want to achieve before you press start on your machine. If you feel you are not working out, then you probably aren’t!s back in and stand back up. Do this repeatedly.

Jumping squat push-ups

This starts off just like the standup push up but there is a slight difference. Instead of simply standing back up, you will jump and reach for the ceiling.
The above workouts will help workout most of your muscle groups in your body which include your triceps, chest, calves, quads, triceps and thighs. It’s amazing how this simple exercises can transform your body. However, if you find you are hurting after either of the exercises, find what works for your body. Do not strain just because I have said they work for me. Everyone is different and so are the needs of our bodies.