Many people are earning decent salaries by working from the comfort of their homes. These jobs just require skills you already have and can easily fit in any schedules. Best of all you do them in the comfort of your home and some even in your pajamas. Virtual assistant A virtual assistant does different tasks such as sending thank you cards on behalf of busy executives, bookkeeping, market research and management of websites. A virtual assistant can charge about $5-$20 dollars per hour for their services. The working hours and job flexibility varies depending on… Read Article →


Being a mom comes with great sacrifices. Giving up your monthly paycheck is usually one of them; to take care of your growing family. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot earn some income while at the same time taking care of your family. Employers have realized there is so much untouched workforce in moms and are tapping that. There are many genuine work at home opportunities that do not require any upfront payment for moms. These may be data entry jobs, transcription, virtual assistant, writing gigs, etc. The question is how to find legitimate work… Read Article →

working out at home with EllipticalMachine

If you are a work at home parent, chances are that you rarely go out. So here’s how to still keep fit without going to the gym. Having a good set of home workout routine is not as complex as you may want to think. However, depending on the size of your home, some exercise may be difficult to do especially if you live in a smaller house. So I have come up with some exercises that can be done even in the tightest spaces. But even before we delve into that, for any good… Read Article →

eating on the work desk

I am guilty as accused! Often, I have found myself eating my lunch, dinner and breakfast on my work desk as I try to catch up with my emails, post on my facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. According to a recently published report, this can lead to poor nutritional choices as well as food safety issues. Why do you do it (me included)? Is it that we are overworked? There is no excuse for this poor behavior. Here are reasons you should avoid this bad habit. You are likely to overeat Eating on your desk… Read Article →

When I went into trucking, everyone thought I was crazy since it was viewed to be a man’s thing. But I am the kind of a person who believes in achieving whatever I want regardless of what people say. I admired riding on trucks and so I did it. However, times have changed and technology has come, giving people an opportunity to work from home. I got fed-up with the weekly routine at 6am or even earlier. Here are the reasons why I chose to work from home: 1. Being rewarded for the work I… Read Article →

eathy eating for work at home moms

Keeping healthy is a lifestyle. Everything about staying healthy is about developing good habits such as diet and exercise in your daily routine. People who have had successful, healthy weight loss attribute it to hard work and perseverance. Some tips to healthy eating can be eating lots of fruits but this may mean you have to cut on whole food when in actual sense you require this so that you can be energized the whole day. The best advice though is to always do things in moderation. Beginning to eat healthy and changing what to… Read Article →

home workout couple

After working in a gas station for several years, I decided I wanted to pursue my other passion. I have loved doing transcription since I was in high school and I used to do it part-time when schools went for summer holidays. I told my boss that I would be quitting which of course, didn’t make her happy, but I had to. She requested me to help in looking for another cashier. We had to advertise the vacancy and a lot of people dropped their resumes for the cashier job. We had to pick just… Read Article →

Work From Home

After convincing your boss, that you can be more productive while working at home, then you should be ready to prove it. Though it may sound very great that you can work from the comfort of your home; no set time, work in pajamas, no traffic and all those other perks that come along, it is not as glamorous at it may seem. As good as it may be to spend the whole day in your pajamas and with your family, if you fail to plan your time well, then you may not deliver as… Read Article →

mom working at home with baby

Every time I hear the early morning buzz of cars as people head to work, I count my blessings. Working from home is something that I won’t be giving up any time soon. Being a working citizen is no mean task for anyone. The pressures of dealing with deadlines, bosses and colleagues can really wear you out. The stresses of work are made even worse by the hassle of commuting to and from work and dealing with the peak-hour traffic. Working from home is a suitable way of eliminating all this trouble while still remaining… Read Article →

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