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5 jobs that you can work from home

workfromhomeMany people are earning decent salaries by working from the comfort of their homes. These jobs just require skills you already have and can easily fit in any schedules. Best of all you do them in the comfort of your home and some even in your pajamas.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant does different tasks such as sending thank you cards on behalf of busy executives, bookkeeping, market research and management of websites. A virtual assistant can charge about $5-$20 dollars per hour for their services. The working hours and job flexibility varies depending on your employer. This job is very competitive so it is important for you to properly market your services and the areas you have specialized in. Continue reading

Stress Management Tips For Work-at-Home Moms

work at home momsIf you are a work at home mum, then you know exactly how difficult it can get to get a balance between family life and job commitments. Being a mum means staying occupied with hundreds of little household chores throughout the day. This can become even more challenging if you have toddlers to look after as you work. With only 24 hours a day, your time could feel so little. As a result of fast-paced and hectic life, many work at home moms experience varying levels of stress. The following are some tips effective for work at home moms to help them manage stress:

Make time for yourself

It is very important for busy work at home moms to find time for themselves, to either sit around with novels or indulge in their favorite activity. At times, a simple visit to the parlor or a soothing hot shower can recharge your energies and refresh your senses. For this reason, always make sure you make time for yourself. Even if it means staking a weekend off to enjoy some of the most expensive vodka or mix vodka drinks with friends, this can help in elevating stress.

Music therapy

Music is known to offer a calming effect on the body and mind. There are numerous therapists who believe that soothing music can help elevate the harmful effects of stress. You can simply listen to music when cooking or cleaning up your house. Some moms listen to music when working, however, if you fell that the music is taking away your concentration, you should reserve it for a more pleasurable time.

Deep breathing

Breathing deeply can be a lot more beneficial, especially when you want to give your nerves a rest. Going through tiring day activities can really get you down and add more to your stress. As a work at home mom, you need to treat yourself with a relaxing exercise and deep breathing is an awesome way to soothe your nerves and rejuvenate your body as well as minds. Whenever you feel as if you cannot take it any more work load, breathing calmly for a second can easily release tension and you will feel more relaxed.

Eating right

What you eat directly influence your mood as well as your overall health. Being used to fast food could not just add you unnecessary weight but can also increase your stress levels. When you eat healthy, you are in a better position to manage your stress levels and you will stay fit and healthy.

Adding humor

Humor is one of the best therapies that are natural. Laughing at yourself or anything around you can significantly help you cut down on your stress levels. Also, you do not have to be serious whenever you are working; you can take a break and be humorous with your kids or a partner even if it is just for 5 minutes. After that you will surely feel much better.

There are numerous ways in which a work at home mom can effectively handle any type of stress and lead a happy and healthy life. Just make good use of the above tips and enjoy working at home.

Awesome Work At Home Jobs For Moms

work at home momIf you are a work at home mom, a home-based job can help you get that balance between raising a healthy family and earning a steady income to take care of your family needs. If you want to contribute financially to your family while taking care of your kids, there are jobs that you can do at the comfort of your home, which are more flexible and will allow you to create schedules around the schedule of other activities. Here are some of the work at home jobs ideal for moms:

RN Nurse Coach
If you are a registered nurse, you can work from home, thanks to jobs such as health and wellness coaching. These nurses are in most cases hired by insurance companies and medical providers, to educate patients on prevention and treatment strategies. RN nurses also help patients set goals and objectives, providing relevant information, and being a support point for families and patients. You can be hired to educate people about skin care and how to maintain a healthy looking skin, for example, you can educate individuals on the best foundation that is ideal for dry skin, and to help determine a patient’s type of skin. I had a friend who stayed jobless for a long time and she had pursued course in nursing, she found a job post where they needed a medical receptionist, she wrote a medical receptionist resume and got the job. (You can find examples and tips for medical receptionist resume here). After working there for sometime, she applied for a position and a RN Nurse and now she is very successful working from home.

Bilingual Senior Technical Advisor
Customer care is one of the widely known work-at-home jobs and big companies such as coca cola and jet blue who have hired telecommuting customer service representatives. But did you know that even the top rank technical support staff are working from home? These professionals provide technical advice and direction over the phone or internet to key clients to help run business smoothly throughout the day. Depending on the client’s needs, work at home technical advisor’s positions are available during the day, evening, or even night shifts making them super flexible for work at home moms with strong tech savvy and excellent customer service skills.

Director of strategic accounts
Companies in every industry are now realizing the need of having employees working from home in the areas that they serve. This is why sales occupation is at forefront of the telecommuting movement. As we all know, telecommuting jobs are there for all levels of sales people, from entry level to the director of sales for important accounts and clients. While as a strategic accounts director work from home, you spend good amount of time visiting clients as well as maintaining relationships.

There are numerous work-at-home jobs that you can venture into. Others include blogging, writing, online marketing, and many more. If you feel there is a position that interests you, all you need is to send a professional resume and get the job. If you want to be self employed, online jobs are numerous and you can benefit from any of them. The best thing is to ensure that the job you chose allows you time to spend time and take care of your family.

Why I left Trucking And Decided To Be A Work At Home Mom

work at home momWhen I went into trucking, everyone thought I was crazy since it was viewed to be a man’s thing. But I am the kind of a person who believes in achieving whatever I want regardless of what people say. I admired riding on trucks and so I did it. However, times have changed and technology has come, giving people an opportunity to work from home. I got fed-up with the weekly routine at 6am or even earlier. Here are the reasons why I chose to work from home:

1. Being rewarded for the work I do
When you work from home, you are the one who determines the financial reward that you get in relation to the effort that you put in. as an employee of a trucking company, I was making money for the employer and so the money was going into his pocket but this changed when I decided to work from home. Even if truck drivers make good money per year, I cannot regret working from home because apart from making good money, it’s fun working at my own pace.

2. I was able to discover my passion
When I stopped trucking, I was able to contemplate on the passion that I loved to have. As human beings, we rarely fully understand what it is we want to be in life and so we end up doing what we weren’t meant to be. When I was growing up, I admired my uncle who was a truck driver and once I completed my high school education I was lucky to find a good company offering CDL training and made trucking my career of choice, but I didn’t know there was another opportunity that could satisfy me even more. Once I started working on my computer from home, I realized this is what I wanted to do all along.

3. More time to spend with my family
With the ever increased pressure and spending most of my time on the road, I found myself spending more time at work and less time on my family. As much as I tried to get a work-life balance, it was almost impossible. Now that I work from home, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my younger son and life is more fulfilling.

4. I’m my own boss
We used to complain about our boss behind his back. At times I could clash with him and no matter what we did, he was rarely pleased. Now, I do not have to meet other people’s expectations and deadlines. I set the targets that I want to achieve.

5. Flexible hours
The traditional 9 to 5 routine restricted what I really love to do. Working as a truck driver means that you have to keep time for you to be able to deliver goods to customers on time, and so failure to keep time with no enough reason could lead to a disciplinary action. As a work at home mom, am now able to manage my time and am able to live life the way I want. If I want to go for a holiday with my family, I just organize my work and live as I wish.

It’s really great working from home. Ever since I started working from home, I was able to strengthen the bond between me and my kids since am getting enough time to spend with them. If you are bored having to work for someone else, it is about time you consider a home based business.

Fun Outdoor Activities That A Work At Home Mom Can Enjoy With The Family

outdoor activitiesBeing a work at home, you always find yourself busy with your work and fail to get enough time to spend with your family. To make up for that, you may organize some out of town trips or a weekend for family bonding. To make these moments enjoyable and exiting, you need to come up with some outdoor games that will be enjoyable to every member in your family. Besides, as the saying goes, “work without play makes jack a dull boy,” but I will say that work without play makes you a dull mom. Below are some outdoor activities that a work at home mom can enjoy:

All weather corn toss game
If you can be able to aim and toss a corn bag to at least 10 feet away, then you are a good player. One good thing about this game is that even your kids can join in and it is one of the most exiting family games. It is a game that you can enjoy everywhere. Whether it is from the park, driveway, or even at the back yard, you can have fun with every member of the family. If you decide to go camping with your family, as you pack your backpacking tent, remember to pack a corn bag for this particular activity.

Backyard mini-golf tournament
If your husband loves to play golf with friends during the weekend, why don’t you bring the tournament to your house and allow your kids go against their daddy? This can be a lot of fun and it is also a great way to train your kids how to play golf. In fact, you can even invite the neighbors to make it more fun. If you do not feel like playing golf, you can take that chance to take photos to make the day even more memorable. To take clear and unique photos, you need to get the best trail camera and your family will always feel happy whenever they look at the pictures.

Bubble Brigade
Here, you need to divide the group into two, and if your family members are less, you can invite neighbors. Each player will have a bubble station and wand; the teams will then line-up shoulder to shoulder. The first individual in the line will blow the bubble and then pass it to the next person using the wand until it reaches the last person in the line. The first team to successfully pass the bubble to the last person wins the game. When the bubble is popped before it reaches the end, the one who popped it will blow it again for the solution. Your kids will surely enjoy the game.

Dad/mom calling
This is a game that you can play with other families. The mothers or fathers will line up on one side of the park blind-folded and the kids will be on the other side calling out their names. Blind folded moms or dads will find their kids following their sounds and the first parent to reach his/her child wins.

It is definitely fun to spend time with your family playing fun games. Since you spend time working, you may find yourself losing bonds with your kids but with these games your bond and relationship will be more stronger than ever, which is of course ever parent’s desire.

Time Management Tips For Work at Home Moms

work at home momTime management is very important in every aspect of our daily life and most specifically to work at home moms. You want your home and business to succeed, but you still don’t want other responsibilities to fall aside, such as your kids which are maybe the reason as to why you chose to work from home in the first place. Even as you enjoy a good night sleep without having to worry about traffic job in the morning on your way to the workplace, you can find yourself in a more stressful situation if you fail to manage your time appropriately. This article seeks to offers you time management tips to take your business to greater heights.

Find time for yourself
Even as you set time for work and house work activities, you need not to forget that you are human and you need time for yourself. How many times have you thought of something that you would love to do, and even before trying it, you remind yourself that you do not have time for it? Being a work at home mom does not mean that you should work 24/7. You need to take a break from work, household chores, or even baby care tasks and enjoy yourself. You can decide to go for a mom’s night alone or mom’s day alone with friends to relieve yourself from any stress. You can chat with friends as you enjoy some of the best beers. I remember when I went to a party with my friends on a weekend. It was so fun being in a place with numerous beer brands where one could sip just any brand when dancing. When I went back to the house, I felt like a new born being that is ready to cope with all the week stress and work.

Have a clear purpose when you are online
Whenever you sit before your computer or laptop you need to have a definite purpose in mind. It helps to place a notebook by your computer with your goals and to do lists in it. This helps in ensuring you don’t surf the net and check your email aimlessly and getting lost. You need to know what you want to accomplish, write it down and do it before moving to the next activity.

Analyze your activities
Just think of the things you do in your business and see if those things really pay you off. Majority of work at home moms engage themselves in traffic exchanges, safe-lists, and other activities that adds no value to your home business and which you should not use during your work time. Ask those who have succeeded before and they will tell you that, just because something is for free doesn’t mean that you must spend your valuable time doing it.

Have a routine
Having a routine for your household chores and your business can really be of great help to you when it comes to time management. When you lay down a good routine, you do things without having to put much thought to it and you always take less time. Write down your routine and memorize it. Make sure everyone in your home knows your routine so that things flow easily. They will know when you are free to talk to them and so they will be less likely to interrupt you when working.

Multitask appropriately
Moms are usually known for their ability to multitask. It is just a lifetime fact that time management for moms means multitasking. However, multitasking can rationalize your day or leave you with half-done projects at the end of the day. Having an idea of how and when to multitask is the key to achieving a better harmony between your work and home life.

As work at home moms, we are constantly working on time management, but with creativity and good routines, we can have a thriving business and a balanced life.


How To Take Care Of Your Hair If You Work From Home

man-washing-hairWorking from home does come with lots of pleasures. You can work with your pajamas and you do not have to spend hours getting all dressed up for work. While this may be great, it’s important to take care of yourself and strive to look great while at it. It’s very easy to neglect yourself especially the hair. The truth is working from home does not mean that you should let yourself look all shaggy because you are not going to meet anyone out there. Your hair needs to be taken care of just like all other parts of the whole body. If you neglect your hair, you may make it grow at a very slow rate and it may become brittle and unhealthy.
A few minutes spend taking care of your hair won’t take up a lot of your time. It will actually have a positive outcome that you will surely enjoy. Here are some basic tips on how to take care of your hair properly.
Wash your hair
To keep your hair healthy, then washing it regularly is a must. Although washing your hair is great, do not do it every day since your scalp may become too dry because of washing it daily. Wash it after every two days to avoid dirt and oils from building up. An all natural shampoo is the best for washing your hair. This will help in keeping your hair healthier than if you use a shampoo that has chemicals. Make your own homemade shampoo.
Hair products.
If you love trying out different hair products like I do, then use the right products for your hair type so that you can take care of your hair properly. Ensure you properly check the ingredients that have been used to make the products. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol because alcohol dries out hair making it to crack. I always ensure that I use hair products that are for Asian hair so that my hair looks healthy. I also love trying out the newest men hairstyles that are trending so that I can make some change on my appearance. Recently, I met one of my friends wearing a cool Asian hairstyle which I sure will try next. Every time I have a new hairstyle, I feel so in control of my life. It’s actually a way of uplifting my moods when I am down. Getting a new hairstyle does the trick for me.
Eating a diet that is well balanced is very important for healthy hair. Just like all your body, your hair needs minerals and vitamins for its nourishment. Drinking lots of water daily will help keep your body and hair well hydrated. Lack of enough water in the body may make your hair brittle. It’s important to also get enough sleep every night. About five to ten hours every night will be enough time. This is the best time for your body to rest and repair itself. If there is any damage on your body or scalp, your body will repair it as you sleep.

eathy eating for work at home moms

Healthy Eating For Work At Home Moms

eathy eating for work at home momsKeeping healthy is a lifestyle. Everything about staying healthy is about developing good habits such as diet and exercise in your daily routine. People who have had successful, healthy weight loss attribute it to hard work and perseverance. Some tips to healthy eating can be eating lots of fruits but this may mean you have to cut on whole food when in actual sense you require this so that you can be energized the whole day. The best advice though is to always do things in moderation. Beginning to eat healthy and changing what to eat can be very easy if only you change your mind and focus on doing the right thing for your body.
Eating healthy can have very huge benefits for you as a work at home mom. You feel more energized and are able to meet your set targets without getting easily fatigued. A good healthy diet also has benefits for your hair. To be able to have strong and healthier hair and you will find that you will only use a little wen to wash your hair and it will look all healthy and shinier. If you have thin hair, eating a healthy balanced diet makes your hair fuller which when combined with some shampoo for hair repair to give you a full head of hair.
How then do you plan healthy eating when working from home? The easiest way for planning healthy eating is to make a daily healthy eating plan for weight loss. You can research about foods that will give you the benefit of losing weight without having to do any exercise. Food such as blueberries and yoghurt are great for calcium and antioxidants and they have fat burning properties. You can also list down all the foods that you consume each day. This is called a food dairy. This will enable you to count all the calories that you have consumed and cut back on the unnecessary foods taken. You can substitute the food s that you should cut back on with healthier options especially if you were consuming a lot of junk.
Another healthy eating tip while working from home is to cleanse regularly. Have you ever wondered why French women are so thin? Well it’s because they tone down what they eat the next day especially when they indulge the night before. Eat yoghurt and leeks if you want to tone down after a day of indulgence then you can return to your normal healthy eating plan.
Increasing your meal times can also drastically reduce the fat in your body. However, it is important to remember that although you can increase your meal times, you will also have to cut down the amount of food you eat. You can take 6 meals in a day, but take them in smaller portions. It is also important to remember that breakfast is the meal that you should never miss because it determines how fast your metabolism goes.
These are just some tips to healthy eating that a work at home mom can try. They are easy and affordable and they are not drastic so everyone can have a smooth transition to healthy living.

home workout couple

Tips On How To Keep Fit As A Work At Home Mom Or Dad

home workout coupleAfter working in a gas station for several years, I decided I wanted to pursue my other passion. I have loved doing transcription since I was in high school and I used to do it part-time when schools went for summer holidays. I told my boss that I would be quitting which of course, didn’t make her happy, but I had to. She requested me to help in looking for another cashier. We had to advertise the vacancy and a lot of people dropped their resumes for the cashier job. We had to pick just one person from the many resumes we received which was quite easy because we chose the person who had the best cashier resume.
I decided to do my transcription work from my house because I would also have the chance to bring our children up. We have a nanny whom we got from an office that usually has nannies with good resumes and who love her job, but I wanted to still take part in bringing up our children. Our nanny also decided to pursue a career as nurse assistant. I even advised her on writing a good resume for this popular healthcare job.
Working from home and bringing up kids is not a walk in the park. After a month of doing transcription, I realized that I was gaining weight very fast and I needed to lose it. I talked to some of my friends who work online and here are some of the best tips on how to keep fit as a work at home mum or dad.

Put on you work out clothes all day

I know this may sound funny, but it practical. With deadlines to meet, hopping on the treadmill or just doing a 30 minute video can be difficult. Your workout clothes will get you in the mood and make you work harder even if you are just doing house chores. They act as a reminder of your goal to exercise and make workouts easier for you.

Always have some work out ideas ready

To stay fit with a hectic schedule, you should be ready to make use of the free few minutes that you get. The most important thing is to use the time appropriately and try getting the most out of it.
Exercise with the children
This is not easy but it is practical. Involve your kids when you’re exercising so that they do not get fussy and start crying for your attention. Children always have lots of fun exercising with mum and dad.

Involve your friends and family

If you have a spouse, you can take advantage of them. Each one of you can do their workouts as the other one takes care of the children.

Use a personal trainer

If you can afford, consider working with a personal trainer maybe once or twice a week. Home personal training is very convenient and it is becoming very common and affordable. Many parents who work at home find it a better way of getting great work out ideas and keep their exercise routines regular.
Being a work at home mum or dad does not mean that you should not exercise. Exercise is very important because you will keep fit and be more productive.


Work From Home

Working From Home? Heres How To Avoid Distractions

Work From HomeAfter convincing your boss, that you can be more productive while working at home, then you should be ready to prove it. Though it may sound very great that you can work from the comfort of your home; no set time, work in pajamas, no traffic and all those other perks that come along, it is not as glamorous at it may seem. As good as it may be to spend the whole day in your pajamas and with your family, if you fail to plan your time well, then you may not deliver as expected.
Here are some things I have learned as a work as a home entrepreneur that are very vital if you need to succeed.

Let family members know your work schedule to keep distractions minimal

Although you may be at home, let your friends and family members know that you are working and that there are deadlines that should be met. If you have young babies, get a nanny to help you in taking care of them. Ask your parents and friends to refer you to places where you can find samples of good resumes for nannies so that you can interview them and settle on a great nanny that will assist you take care of your kids. If you are breast feeding, take some short breaks from your work desk so that you can breast feed, then get back to work as soon as you are done.

Have a workstation

This may be a whole room that is your “home office” or a corner of you bedroom that has your desk and computer. Create space that is specifically dedicated to your business. This will keep you organized and also create a quiet working environment that does not have any unnecessary distractions. You will also be more comfortable when making business calls.

Make a schedule and follow it.

This may be difficult when working from home but is very crucial. Just like being in a normal office where there is a daily routine, create your own routine. Creating a schedule that will work for you will enable you to be more productive while you work from home and help you accomplish all your set goals in time.
It is also important to also create a schedule for your children so that the house is not in chaos immediately you get down to work. This will also help your nanny to get better control of the children. My children love swimming so I bought an above the ground pool for them. This keeps them busy and I ensure I schedule some time for that whenever I am planning their day.

Social media and web surfing

This can be the worst kind of distraction since you do not a co-worker who may distract you from the social media. If you are a social media addict, then you should learn to completely shut them down during working hours. If they are just small temptations to peep to your social media accounts, then just limit them to maybe lunch breaks. Either way, it is not good to have them running as you work. It does interfere with productivity.
Most people think that working from home is not challenging, but it has its own challenges. The best thing about it is that these challenges can easily be avoided for maximum productivity.

mom working at home with baby

Why I Love Working from Home

mom working at home with babyEvery time I hear the early morning buzz of cars as people head to work, I count my blessings. Working from home is something that I won’t be giving up any time soon. Being a working citizen is no mean task for anyone. The pressures of dealing with deadlines, bosses and colleagues can really wear you out. The stresses of work are made even worse by the hassle of commuting to and from work and dealing with the peak-hour traffic. Working from home is a suitable way of eliminating all this trouble while still remaining constructively engaged.
The first joy of working from home is the ability to spend ample time with my family. In a conventional situation, I would have to leave home very early and come back late in the evening, leaving very little time to spend with family. Fortunately, working from home allows me enough time for my spouse and children. For the school going ones, I get to help them prepare for school and ensure that they have everything they need. The younger ones remain home with me, and I enjoy watching them grow and instilling in them important values. I get to work during their playing and napping hours.
Working from home also helps me prepare healthy meals for my family. Without enough time, it is common to buy fast foods or semi-prepared foods. In most cases, foods are not healthy as they contain preservative chemicals. While at home, I take time to prepare good quality meals, mostly using natural foods. I have a great grinder for my herbs as well as a multipurpose juicer which helps me prepare healthy meals.
Other than spend time commuting to work, I spend the early morning hours running house chores. I fix beds, clean and iron before I sit down to work. Once am ready, I just get into my home office and start working right away. In the office, I would have to sign in at the receptionist desk and exchange pleasantries with co-workers before settling down to work, which wastes time. I can also take lunch as I work. I normally complete my assignments of the day when it’s still early. I use the remaining hours to prepare dinner, help kids with homework and basically bond with them.
Apart from saving time, I save money as well. Driving to or from work every day requires a lot of gas. I am more than happy to save money I could have used for fuel or fare. I do not need expensive clothes; I can work in pajamas if I like. I also take care of my children myself, instead of paying a nanny or daycare to do the same.
Finally, I do my part in preserving the environment by working from home. I spare the atmosphere from the fumes arising from the car. If more of us worked from home, we can reduce the rate of global warming a great deal.
When all is said and done, working from home allows me to be productive yet avoid excess fatigue, which is the case with most workers.